SALOME-1 is a bidirectional branch and bound procedure for solving SALBP-1. It contains a hybrid branching strategy (local lower bound method), various known and new lower bounding procedures as well as logical tests for reducing the size of the branching tree.

For solving SALBP-2 and SALBP-E, SALOME-1 is applied in an iterative manner to search for the optimum. SALBP-F can simply be solved by applying SALOME-1 and finally checking if the minimal number of stations is not to large.

Download of the code: Executables of these different versions of SALOME, which run as console applications on windows operating systems, are available and can be downloaded here. The codes together with an instruction for applying SALOME to single instances or an entire data set are contained in the following ZIP file:


  • As a pre-condition of providing the code for free we expect that the users keep us informed on their results and give opportunity to comment papers they prepare using SALOME computations.
  • Please notice that the code was implemented almost 20 years ago. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that it works on all modern computer platforms though it has been successfully tested on machines with Windows 7 and Windows 10 (64 Bit). Perhaps executing in a compatibility mode will be helpful.

Data requirement: The code requires SALBP instances being stored in a standard ALB format. Two data sets are available: